For persons that are of the age of 18 years and older

Here are some things to consider before making your decision:

One, have you done research on the martial art of Hwa Rang Do and have decided that this is the martial art you want to pursue? I recommend that you thoroughly read through our website to help you in your decision.

Two, will you be able to dedicate (at least three hrs) a week to the study of this martial art by attending the assigned class times along with (home self practice)?

Three, are you willing to train with other likeminded students in a closed, private setting?

If you answered yes to these questions, the next steps are simple.

Remember! Becoming a student of the Hwa Rang Do academy is very different than joining a local fitness center or taking a basic self-defense class. Joining a traditional school like ours means that you are becoming a member of a particular martial art family. If you are chosen as a member of the academy, it comes with much support and responsibility on your part. The first step is to make an appointment to visit the academy as our guest and try your first class. The first class is designed to let us and yourself to see how the Hwa Rang Do academy works and if this martial art is the right one for you. This also gives the other members the chance to see and meet you as well.

If you are an experienced martial artist or hold the rank of Black Belt you will have the opportunity to meet with Master Elliott and discuss your reasons for wanting to be a part of the academy.


For children that are 10 years of age and older

For parents that are looking for a martial art academy for their child or children, please bear in mind that the academy is considered to be a very serious martial art school that places emphasis on the strict discipline of learning a traditional self-defense art. Currently we are accepting children of the age 10 years and older as students. The Hwa Rang Do academy has developed a children’s class that is designed to prepare a young boy or girl for self defense that goes along with the study of martial arts.

We require that parents, parent, or legal guardian will have to meet with Master Elliott to discuss what is required to enroll their child or children into the special children’s class.

For all enquires about the academy, class times and tuition please go to the Contact Us section and complete the form or send me an e-mail. We will get in contact with you to set up a time for you to visit and view a training session.