The martial arts taught at the academy are divided into four distinct categories. This is so that the student can learn the art more effectively.  Because the art covers a wide range of skills, it is very difficult to master them all at once. The modern founders of the art designed four special categories that feature the multifaceted parts of the art. Once a student has gone through the basic levels found in the color ranks, they will be ready to enter the more complex areas of techniques found within the Black Sash dan levels of the art.



(External Method)
외공 外功

This area of study takes its form in the vast array of offensive and defensive applications. In this area, the student will learn the aspects of kicking, punching, falling, throwing, joint-manipulation, the use of pressure points and grappling. In addition, the student will also learn the many empty hand as well as weapon solo forms called (Hyung) or patterns found in the art.



(Internal Method)
내공 內功

This area of study deals with the practitioner’s ability to control and strengthen their internal system. The health of a practitioner’s internal system is one that cannot be ignored. Found within this area of study are the familiar exercises such as stretching and flexibility forms that are also similar to gymnastics, as well as aerobic forms that strengthen the heart and lungs. Also, students are introduced to advanced breathing exercises as well as an introduction to basic acupressure methods found in the art.


Moo Gi Gong

(Weapon Method)
무기공 武器功

Being that the martial art of Hwa Rang Do has stemmed from Korea’s military lineage, it has a vast array of classical weapons that are taught throughout the system. The knowledge found in this category would take the student a lifetime to master. So, the modern founders of the art have placed a variety of the different weapons throughout the color sash levels. The student will learn both defensive as well as offensive applications with each weapon. The basic weaponry found in the art are:

  • Sword: Straight, Curved, Double Edged, Long, Medium, Short 
  • Knife: Straight, Curved, Double Edged
  • Spear: Wooden, Bamboo, Practice
  • Long Staff: Wooden, Bamboo, Long, Short
  • Short Stick: Various Wooden Types (Single & Linked)
  • Cane: Wooden, Metal, Curved, Straight Handle
  • Rope: Various lengths and types
  • Fan: Bamboo, Cloth (various types)



(Mental Power)
신공 神功

As with any type of physical endeavor, the student must be able to learn how to have good memory retention. This is an important part of the study of the martial arts taught at the academy. Being that the art has an array of many levels and techniques, it demands the practitioner to have 100% concentration while learning. To further help the student attain their full potential, the instructors will help the student with visualization of the physical techniques, along with development of focus and awareness training. This will in turn help the younger student become more focused with their martial arts training, in addition to academics at school and on into adulthood.