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Since 1982, the Hwa Rang Do Phoenix Academy has been serving the people of the Greater Phoenix area in the discipline of martial arts. Here at the academy, we offer personalized training that’s tailored to fit your needs. Our academy’s extensive curriculum provides the opportunity to give students training in one or more disciplines. Students have the option to enroll in the academy’s traditional program, which covers all aspects of martial arts training, or the option to train in one or more skill set that the art provides, such as self defense, grappling, joint locks, and much more. For over 30 years, Master Elliott has taught the general public in a commercial setting, subsequently changing the lives of thousands of people. Always striving to offer the best possible training for his students, Master Elliott made the decision to transition from a commercial setting to a private residential setting. A private setting offers many benefits for the student, such as more one on one attention, personalized training, and a better learning environment. The academy is located on just over 45,000 square feet of private grounds. The surrounding landscape offers a tranquil and peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Oriental architectural design and decoration set the tone for training and learning one of Korea’s most historical and traditional martial arts. When one is selected as a student, they will begin their journey on a martial arts path to a better understanding of themselves and how the study and practice of this special art will enhance their lives. We believe that every person is born with one hundred percent potential and through martial arts training; one is able to reach their full potential. It is through this process of the student's continued hard work and dedication to the study of martial arts, along with constant guidance from their teachers, that the student will begin to see a higher level of achievement and a balance in mind, body and martial spirit. Hwa Rang Do is considered the most comprehensive martial arts in the world in that it incorporates skills and techniques from effective fighting arts similar to Karate, Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu, Hapkido, Aikido, Kung Fu, Judo, and other traditional martial arts. Here are some of the skills we work on at our academy: Self Defense, Meditation, Internal Energy, Grappling, Joint Locks, Kicking, Punching, Pressure Points, Weapons Training (Sword, Staff, Knife, Short Stick, and Nunchaku etc…), Falling, Throwing, Korean Style Jujitsu, Police Training, Military Training, MMA and more. Master Instructor 館長 Hwa Rang Do Private Academy

The Art

chnese hrd HRDwithyellow2 The modern martial art called Hwa Rang Do was founded by the Lee Brothers and first brought to the public as a traditional Korean martial art based in Seoul, South Korea in the early 1960's. It is one of the premier, traditional "non sport" full spectrum martial arts to emerge out of South Korea in the 20th century. It was brought to the United States in the late 1960's by Grand Master Joo Sang Lee. Hwa Rang Do is a blend of hard and soft movements based on the theory of (Um & Yang) with linear and circular techniques (Kang-Sul & Yu-Sul) that can be used offensively or defensively. Hwa Rang Do also incorporates all ranges of hand strikes, kicking, joint locks, throws, falling, submission holds and ground defense techniques. It also includes the study of various aspects of unarmed and armed patterns, called Hyung. Weaponry includes the long staff, short stick, spear, sword, various types of knives and traditional archery. The student of Hwa Rang Do is also taught the inner aspect of breath control, Ki energy development and the healing methods of acupressure therapy and herbal medicine treatment. In essence, the modern art of Hwa Rang Do is the unification of the original native Korean martial skills, as well as some of the reformed Korean martial arts brought together to form one complete system with an emphasis on the aspect of molding the student's character through understanding of the martial way called Mudo.

The Instructors

KJN Tim L. Elliott, Master of the Academy Mr. Tim Elliott is the owner and Head Master of the academy. He holds the title and position of Kwanjang Nim. Mr. Elliott entered the art of Hwa Rang Do as a high school student in the mid 1970's at the first Hwa Rang Do training hall (Dojang) in Phoenix, Arizona. After graduating from high school, he entered the U.S. Army and was stationed in South Korea where he had the opportunity to further his study of Hwa Rang Do. After his military service, he was selected to be a part of a special group of Hwa Rang Do students to go through an instructor training course at the Hwa Rang Do headquarters under the art’s modern founder. After graduating from the program, Mr. Elliott opened his first school in Glendale, Arizona in 1982. Since that time, he has continued the honored tradition of teaching and passing down the knowledge of the art to generations of dedicated students.

SBN Jonathan L. Elliott, Head Instructor of the Academy Head Instructor Jonathan Elliott began his training in Hwa Rang Do at a very young age. He has grown up in a martial arts family and is now helping to pass down the Korean martial arts tradition that his family had started in Arizona in the year 1982. Jonathan holds the position of Head Instructor and the title of Sabom Nim at the academy. He is a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in education. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to train under various high ranking Hwa Rang Do masters. One of Head Instructor Elliott's goals is to see the traditional Korean martial arts and their benefits passed down to a new generation of youth.

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